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Little Predator Blue Fire aka "PREDATOR"
The Legendary Blue Hungarian French Bulldog the legend himself is here continuing his legendary and outstanding productions with that PREDATOR look he stamps. Some of his well know off spring or sons are Sharks IWAN, Sharks Lombard, Blue Castle STITCH, Dogtowns JACK just a few . This boy has produced some of the best blues out or he is in there peds. No mistaking the blood, the line, the look.

PREDATOR LINE the Original Blue French Bulldog Maker ! 
bb / Dd / At / At
Our newest additon to our stud line up is none other then SIR WINSTON himself. This boy is a example of a CHOCOLATE TRI that carrys that AT/AT gene with a bonus BLUE gene! No guess work here this boy has the genes and looks to produce them beautiful rare colors and looks. Nice ropes, smashed mug, great ear set, button tail and cobby look all in one. Plan to see a whole new look from the Blue Muscle Bulldog line !
Predator Line DIESEL

Direct Fawn Chocolate & Blue Carrier son off of PREDATOR himself. This boy is a nice correct version weighing in at 22 lbs cobby compact boy with some serious ropes and nice bat ears. Looks , pedigree all there to add to your program with that signature smashed mug and ear set !
Predator Line "HERCULES"

One of the best blue fawns out today. Making his way thru the line and is now starting to show what this boy can do in his productions. He is off a direct son of Predator BRAIN to a direct Predator son JACK daughter MELLOW to produce some very nice Hungarian bloodline Blue Frenchies. Check out one of his latest productions PIGGI and COCONUT on our females page serious Blue Frenchie females.
Predator Line " ACE "

Direct PREDATOR son bred to a PREDATOR granddaughter to produce this cobby boy. Smashed face , great , button tail and short back make this boy a great example of what a Hungarian frenchie should look like. Weighing in at 22 lbs this boy definitely will bring some nice looks and pedigree to the program. 



 Direct White and Blue son off of PREDATOR himself. This boy is a smaller version weighing in at 20lbs  cobby compact boy. Looks , pedigree all there to add to your program.  NO MISTAKING THE LOOKS THE LINE !